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Being newly established at the start of 2008, TT Assembly Australia has been making preparations to start up operation and has since been progressing steadily. The core activities carried out by TT Assembly Australia are assembling tyres and wheel sequentially and storing Yokohama Tyres.  At present, our main client is Toyota Motors Australia where finished good assemblies of tyres and wheels are delivered to the production line of Toyota Motors.


As to achieve our motto of growing together as one, we build our foundation of moral values by practicing “Trust”, “Respect” and “Modesty”. Additionally, in order to achieve our goals, we focus on 1) Solving problems by using the approach of “real place, real thing and reality” 2) Team power, 3) Challenged spirits 4)6S with the 6th one being recently added as to “Smile” and 5) Kaizen – a continuous improvement activity.   Moreover, TTAU treasures our greatest assets - our employees and customers by highlighting on safety for the employees and the quality of the goods produced at all time.