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The Vehicle, Parts & Machinery Division is consistently expanding and diversifying its product range. Currently we are handling automotive parts, accessories, m/c and electronics products to suit our customers specific needs. We are also actively promoting a range of export automotive products to several countries in Asia.

Through the Toyota Tsusho worldwide network, we control the distribution of OEM components both into Australia and to export markets. We are supporting Toyota Australia to procure OEM parts at Tier 1 and Tier 2 level at competitive prices from Japan, North America, South Africa and South East Asia. We have also developed an export strategy for promotion of Australian vendor OEM component parts to export markets around the world.

This Division has the responsibility of importing and supervising installation of specialty machinery. We also offer back up support with maintenance and spare parts assistance through our consumable business.

The electronics industry is rapidly growing. Toyota Tsusho Corporation's trade in this field covers a wide selection of products, including electronics parts, semi-conductor manufacturing equipment, personal computers, CAD systems and other new products. We provide our own original commodities, ranging from hardware to software, which are of the latest technology, highly value-added and competitively priced.