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The Metal Division can import and export any type of metal products to suit your requirements.

In particular the Metal Division handles such items as:

            Ferrous & Non Ferrous Metals
            Automotive & General Metal Products
            Hot / Cold Rolled, Coated & Stainless Steel 
            Sheet & Coil 
            Primary & Secondary Aluminium 
            Special Steel, Tooling & Steel Forming Rolls 
            Steel Raw Materials & Base Metals
            Tube, Bar & Wire Rod
            Precious Metals
            Scrap Steel & Recyclable Metals
            Ingots, Billets & Shot

Toyota Tsusho has very strong relationships with large European, Japanese, Asian and American Ferrous and Non Ferrous Mills. We currently import large volumes of rolled Steel & Aluminium coil, bar and rod, also tin, brass and copper for the manufacturing and automotive industries. In addition to our imported products we are also large exporters of primary aluminium ingot, zinc, lead and other non-ferrous materials to the Asian region.

We are also dedicated to the scrap metal recycling market in Australia. We are exporters of steel, non-ferrous and other metal based scrap products and secondary ingot from Australia and New Zealand.

The Metal Division can locate, source and deliver any metal based product from our many offices or steel & aluminium processing centres, around the world. Through our TT Steel and logistics centres located at Laverton North, we can also organize processing, storage, handling and just in time (J.I.T) delivery to ensure maximum efficiency at production line side, Australia wide.