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Toyota Tsusho (Australasia) actively promotes global trade by supplying quality products delivered on time at internationally competitive prices. We will support our customers by adding value through continuous improvement and by providing outstanding service. Our mission will foster a culture where our staff can enjoy a rewarding and creative lifestyle.

1. Integrity - We are people who are honest and fair in all our dealings. Our word is Our Bond and a handshake is our commitment.

2. Customers - Our customers are our reason for being and livelihood. We will only survive and flourish by listening to the customer’s requirements and then exceeding their expectations with outstanding products and services.

3. Communication - Global business requires a continuous exchange of views with people from diverse backgrounds. Mutual respect is the key to good communication.

4.  Quality - Our policy is to meet customer expectations but our ultimate goal is to delight our customers by exceeding their requirements for all the goods and services we supply.

5. Employees - Our greatest asset is the dedication, enthusiasm and ingenuity of our employees. Every staff member will be provided with a safe and creative work environment where they can participate as part of a team. All  employees will be treated with  dignity and respect.

6.  Financial Responsibility - Our ability to service our customers, pay our debts and reward our employees and shareholders is dependant upon sound financial dealings. We will generate profits by adding value and eliminating waste.