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As part of our commitment to Quality and the Environment, Toyota Tsusho (Australasia) Pty Ltd has proudly been accredited to the international standards, ISO 9001, Quality Management Systems and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems. Compliance to both these international standards has formed a sound and practical integrated management system which has developed over the years to help achieve a continuous improvement philosophy within the organization and gain ongoing improvements in the areas of quality and environmental performance.

Quality accreditation was first achieved in May 1997, initially to the now obsolete international standard ISO 9002, however, as the management system improved from initial implementation, the transition to ISO 9001 was easily achieved with minimal effort. 

Since first attaining quality accreditation in 1997, Toyota Tsusho (Australasia) Pty Ltd has grown rapidly to become a leading supplier of a diverse range of products to the Australian Automotive Industry and in parallel to this rapid growth, the management system has been improved progressively to cope with the ever increasing customer demands that are associated with such growth of business. 

Along with our commitment to quality, Toyota Tsusho (Australasia) Pty Ltd demonstrated its’ commitment to the environmental by gaining environmental accreditation in January, 2003. 

Toyota Tsusho (Australasia) Pty Ltd is the only overseas subsidiary of Toyota Tsusho Corporation, which has effectively implemented an environmental management system without the assistance of its parent company in Japan. 

The implementation of ISO 14001 has proved to strengthen the whole management system reaping the benefits associated with good environmental practices along the way. By putting the system into practice, we have been able to demonstrate ongoing improvements in our environmental performance. The achievement of environmental objectives, recycling and waste management activities, employee awareness, monitoring of key characteristics relating to the 5 basic elements i.e. Air, Energy, Waste, Water and Material Intake, compliance to Legal & other requirements along with other environmental programmes has allowed Toyota Tsusho (Australasia) Pty Ltd to become a leader in this field of management. 

Our ultimate goal is to delight our customers by exceeding their requirements for all the goods and services that we supply. Similarly, we treat our environment with the utmost respect aiming at reducing our environmental footprint so that we create a sustainable future without affecting the growth and profits of our business. By adhering to our management system and adopting a responsible corporate philosophy, the future of our company, our employees and the surrounding community we live in will become a win-win situation where all parties benefit from our actions.